Drimkoe focuses on keeping you relevant with the future by simplifying how you achieve your goals. Using our knowledge and skills in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics Engineering & Mathematics, we design and build tools that will help you handle personal & business tasks without shifting your resources on attaining your vision and goals.

Platforms and Software Services

Fintech - Insuretech - Agritech - Edutech


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Our Core Business

Skilled - Agile - Efficient

Software Architecture & Development

Our broad skillset offers software development services in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Web, Desktop & Mobile Applications (.NET, Java, Python, NodeJS)
  • Mobile applications design & customization (Android, iOS and UWP)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Web Development (ASP.NET, PHP, Python, React & NodeJS)
  • APIs & Systems Integrations

We follow agile principles and the DevOps methodolgy to deliver quality software services to our partners and customers.

Business Process Optimization

Our team of professionals will help optimize costs, efficiency and productivity of your business. Leveraging on Data Science, we tap into the unexplored areas of information within an organisation to improve operationability and business continuity.

Cloud & Shared services

We provide cloud-based solutions for industry and commerce. Leveraging the beauty of technology we help you cover the information gap within your organization and external stakeholders to your business. We will create reliable data links for a subset or full set of your business ecosystem.

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Drimkoe - South Africa
8A Wessel Rd
Rivonia, Sandton
South Africa
T: (+27) 105 934 644
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