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FluidTasks for Insurance

Automate your insurance business by adopting FluidTasks, an insurance software as a service application built to unify and transform insurance operations by enhancing efficiency, accuracy and agility in the underwriting process.
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We provide tools that help insurance professionals be more efficient and course on how to use AI to drive insurance and financial services metrics.

An affordable starting point for digital insurance

FluidTasks is a cloud-based software that offers comprehensive & intelligent solutions for both front-office and back-office insurance operations. This exceptional product is adored by emerging insurance companies, as well as small to medium-sized brokers and agents.

Ready to embrace AI? Learn about our envisioning session.

You have to start somewhere

One of the primary obstacles that organizations often encounter is determining where to begin their AI journey. Once we have assisted you in comprehending the vast array of opportunities AI presents for your business, we can develop Proof of Concepts that will not only familiarize you with the remarkable capabilities of AI but also assess if you possess the appropriate data for implementation.

A virtual digital hand

Bringing AI to Life

Most AI initiatives undertaken by organizations fail to reach the production stage, particularly in the case of custom AI. This can be attributed to various factors. However, with our meticulous planning and pilot-driven approach, we can assist you in developing AI solutions that are not only ready for production but also meet enterprise standards.


AI starts with people

For AI to work in any organization, the people running the organization must be prepared.. Our goal is to empower your team with AI expertise and establish a robust AI framework that drives growth and innovation.

Here's how we can assist your financial services or insurance company in its AI transformation:

💡 Industry-Focused AI Training
💡 Helping your people understand your data estate
💡 Establishing communication for AI initiatives
💡 Building an in-house AI Team


Discover the pathway to unlocking your team's AI potential through our specialized industry-specific AI courses. Designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need, our courses are tailored to your industry's unique challenges and opportunities.

AI Basics for Insurance Professionals

This foundational course is designed to introduce insurance professionals to the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its applications, and the transformative potential it holds within the insurance industry.

Customer-Centric Insurance: Leveraging AI

Our comprehensive course, "Customer-Centric Insurance: Leveraging AI," empowers insurance professionals to harness the potential of AI for creating personalized, engaging, and efficient interactions.

AI Compliance and Regulation in Insurance

Harnessing AI innovation is crucial, but it must be done responsibly. This course equips you with the insights and strategies to seamlessly integrate AI advancements while adhering to a complex set of insurance regulations.

"Insurance, fortified by the wings of AI, soars toward a future where risks are understood, claims are resolved with swiftness, and protection becomes a symphony of digital intelligence and human assurance."

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